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MSD/NAV+NU Navionics+

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SD Adapter Global Regions

Supplied as a blank card which allows user to select one Navionics + region globally, requires charts to be downloaded from Navionics website using Navionics Chart Installer.

Navionics+ provides more marine and lakes content than ever before, as well as the best value for new customers presented in an easy-to-use and interactive display of navigation aids, tides & currents, port plane, user-selectable safety depth contours, marine services with phone numbers, drying areas and more. Most importantly, Navionics+ provides access to SonarCharts™, the HD bathymetry map you can enhance.

As of January 1st2016 new boundaries are in effect - 50XG region is Australia & New Zealand 34XG region is Pacific Islands, please refer to Web App to view new boundaries.

Any region in the world.